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Riptide, Nick/Cody, #22 Resolution

Title: Cutscene for Echoes
Author: tinx_r
Fandom: Riptide
Genre/Rating: Pre-slash (or gen if you prefer)/PG
Pairing/Characters: Nick/Cody
Crossposted: pier56, slashthedrabble, writers_choice, 10_snuggles
Challenge: 22 Resolutions
Beta: oddmonster
Notes/Warnings: 2 drabbles. Spoilers for Echoes?
Summary: After the surgery, Nick sits with Cody in recovery

I can't hold back the tears because this came so close.

Challenge Twenty-Two

Challenge Twenty-Two begins today.

Topic: Resolutions

With the beginning of the New Year, we begin with the resolutions topic.

Please share with friends, family members and those people sitting next to you at the diner.

Challenge Twenty-One

Challenge Twenty ends tonight.

Challenge Twenty-One begins tonight.

Topic: The Past Challenges

Tonights topic means that you can write drabbles for any of the past challenges; or combine them to form one.

Challenge Twenty

Challenge Nineteen ends tonight.

Challenge Twenty begins today.

Topic: Holidays

Any holiday can be written about; not just the winter ones.

Challenge Nineteen

Challenge eighteen ends tonight (I apologize for not posting a challenge last week).

Challenge nineteen begins tonight.

Topic: The Not So Good Guys

I know, a bit of a broad subject but the good guys are always the ones that people choose. So lets look at the bad guys this time.

Challenge Eighteen

Challenge Seventeen ends tonight at midnight.

Challenge Eighteen starts today.

Topic: Storms

Any type of storm is permitted; rain, snow, wind, ice, personal, ect.

Challenge Seventeen

Challenge Sixteen ends tonight.

Challenge Seventeen starts tonight.

Topic: Scary

In honor of Halloween, we'll go with the Scary topic. Anything scary can come into play; being scared, doing the scaring, scary objects, ect.

Challenge Sixteen

Challenge fifteen ends tonight (though you can post bits after they expire...just letting you know)

Challenge sixteen starts tonight.

Topic: Autumn

Autumn is a broad topic so please feel free to address it in anyway you see fit.

As always, any fandom, genre, original, ect is welcome.

And of course, please share with friends, family, and the little squirrels burying acorns around.

Challenge fifteen

Challenge fifteen begins today.

Challenge fourteen ends tonight.

Topic: Leaving

Any genre, fandom, original, ect is welcome.

Please share with family, friends, inmates.
Title: It's Not Enough That You Say You Love Me
Author: thegrrlgeek
Characters: Richard, Teagan; original characters
Fandon: None
Rating: G
Challenge: Fourteen; Not Enough
Word Count: 322 ... yes, it's just a bit over 100 words.
Summary: He may love her but he can't do it anymore.

We'll have to venture behind the cut to find the crap that I call writingCollapse )